We have a winner!

The kick-off for our “Feed the Chimp”- challenge was during the Prolight & Sound event in Frankfurt and the conclusion during our 2018 Experience Day. The challenge where we asked you to design your own predefined effect with a brandnew Bananawing as a prize and, your own created predefined effect made available to each and every Chimp 100 and Chimp 300 unit through the firmware. Light designers all around the world will be able to use your creation.

One design stood out and our judges had the following to say about it: “We have chosen for the “Discharge” effect. Not only the energy but also the symmetry in this design make this effect extremely well suited for a lot of situations where strong contrasts in movement and intensity are required. The usability of the effect impressed the judges but also the complexity of it. The total effect has been constructed out of 4 different layers. That is why we are convinced that this is truly an addition to the current predefined effects which will be available for everyone at the touch of a button.”

The lucky winner of the Bananawing and the one person who will see his predefined effect being added to every Chimp-unit, is Mr. Johan Klerks. The new effect will be added as soon as the next update is available. We would like to congratulate Mr. Klerks with his victory and thank him for the awesome 4-layer predefined effect!

Here’s how it works

You need to own or have access to a Chimp 100 or Chimp 300 unit, we provide the show-file and capture-file as download and you are all set to go. With these files you can create and design your very own made effect. And the best creation will not only win an awesome Infinity Banana Wing, but your effect will be incorporated as predefined effect into the firmware of every Chimp 100 and Chimp 300 unit as well, available for everybody. So put your imagination and creativity to good use and show everybody your move!

The rules of the Challenge are:

  • The Chimp Challenge 2018 starts April 10 together with Prolight & Sound 2018. The deadline to submit your design is September 1st.
  • You need to own or have access to a Chimp 100 or Chimp 300
  • We provide a fully patched Chimp 100 and 300 show-file and a corresponding capture-file as downloads together with a patch list and Plot for you to use freely.
  • The Capture presentation file can be used without the need to have a capture license.
  • So you can get started without the need of real fixtures and everything is already prepped to get started.
  • In the Chimp Show file you will find groups of Infinity Washes, Beams, Spots and Hybrids as well as a 6×8 matrix of 6-in-1 LED pars. So you have access to all kinds of fixtures to get creative.
  • We do not want to make it too easy for you so you cannot use the predefined effects which are already available in the Chimp 100 or Chimp 300.
  • Use the Chimp custom effects section to build your creation or make a cue list that shows an effect you would like to see as predefined effect.
  • Store your own created effect or multiple effects in the first Fader page of the show and give it your own special name, how it should be named as predefined effect.
  • You can upload your chimp show-file with your own created effect stored here
  • You can send in as much own created effects as you like as long as they are differentiated.
  • Patch and Capture showfile may not be edited.
  • They will be judged by Mr. Lars Aarts, light-designer and owner from TYS Productions, Mr. Wesley Houben, light operator at Black Out Lighting and, Mr. Thomas Bretgeld, Infinity Chimp software developer.
  • September 14 we will announce the semi-finalists on this page, the semi-finalist receive a personal email.
  • The semi-finalist designs will be presented by us on this page to be judged by viewers. The more votes, the higher the ranking.
  • The ranking from our judges will be responsible for 50% of the final ranking. The remaining 50% are determined by the number of votes from our viewers.
  • The Grand Finale will take place October 1st 2018 during our annual Dealer-day experience at Highlite headquarters.
  • The winner will receive one Infinity Banana Wing ánd his or her predefined effect will be added to the firmware of each and every Chimp 100 and Chimp 300 unit.
  • Questions? Contact us via infinity-intelligent-light.com/contact or the Infinity Intelligent Light Facebook page.
  • Finally: staff and personnel from Highlite International BV are excluded from participating in this challenge.

That’s it. So get creative, use your designer mind, prepare your very own predefined effect and check it out in every Chimp unit.

Good luck and enjoy!

Infinity Banana Wing


  • Your effect added in the predefined effects section of the chimp.
  • An Infinity Banana Wing

Send us your results

Would you like to join the Chimp Challenge? Fill in your contact details and upload your light effect before 01-09-2018. The winner will receive a personal message

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