The extremely user-friendly and highly affordable moving light controllers from Infinity Intelligent Light were discovered in the wild – now the Chimp is on the loose!

The days when programming and control of a highly professional light show were almost impossible to afford, are finally part of history. The Infinity Chimp bends and breaks the rules – compact in size, familiar keyboard and screens, Wireless DMX and standardized fixture libraries; it is all in there!

Smart, in-house designed software, industry-standard syntaxes with encoders and hard-keys will enable you to program your best show, quick, easy and for any venue!

Infinity Chimp Light Controllers
Because you want to be in control … don’t you?

Chimp 100

2 universes 1024 ch.
100 fixtures
5000 memories
10 Playback faders & executors
Atlabase Fixture library

Chimp 300

4 universes 2048 ch.
300 fixtures
10000 memories
10 Playback faders & executors
Atlabase Fixture library

Infinity Chimp Tour Pack

4 universe 2048 channels DMX
200 Fixtures
5000 memories
30 Playback faders & executors
Atlabase Fixture library

Infinity Banana Wing

Banana Wing

20 playback faders
2 universes
100 additional fixtures

Case for Banana Wing

Dimensions: 570 x 570 x 220mm
Wheels: non

Case for Chimp Tour Pack

Dimensions: 1290 x 630 x 320mm
LCD compartment: 550 x 410 x 70mm (max)
Wheels: non

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