Infinity Moving Heads


Infinity Moving Heads are a range of intelligent light fixtures: everything from powerful beams and spots to versatile washes. The Infinity moving heads set a new standard within their segment. Faster-than-ever high-torque motors, a large colour display with motion sensor, a built-in battery to change settings and addresses without mains power, Powercon connections and compact housing: these features are shared by all the moving heads in the series.

Infinity iS-100

Infinity iS-200

Infinity iS-250

Infinity iS 250

Infinity iS-400

IS 400 Moving Head

Infinity iW-715

Infinity iW-720

Infinity iW-1915

LED Moving Head

Infinity iW-1915 pixel

Infinity iW 340 RDM

Infinity iW 340 RDM

Infinity iW 740 RDM

Infinity iW 740 RDM

Infinity iW 1240 RDM

Infinity iW-1240 RDM

Infinity iB-715

Moving Lights

Infinity iM-2515

Lichttechnik kaufen

Infinity iB-2R

Bühnentechnik licht

Infinity iB-5R

Infinity iB-16R


Infinity iFX-615

Infinity iFX-615 moving head

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